Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have been truly blessed! When I look at my life and all potential possibilities that could have been I count my blessings every single day!

Today I am headed on another journey that the final destination is unknown. What I mean by that is I don't know what opportunities await after this adventure.

This spring I applied for a McCloy Agriculture Fellowship and was successful enough to be one of four people going to Germany. This is similar to my Eisenhower Fellowship except I don't choose the destination or program.

What makes this blessed are a few things. First and foremost is my family. Without them and their support and help this would not be possible. Second is my hired man Dean King being there to pick up the slack. Finally my parents for giving me structure and confidence to try things that others said I couldn't do.

While I will be in Germany for three weeks my life's journey doesn't end there. I hope that the knowledge that I gain from this wonderful experience can help me and others in the future, especially Dillon and Logan.

God has given each of us the tools to accomplish amazing things but fear of one kind or another (failure, ridicule, peer pressure, etc.) keeps most people from going beyond points where most people quit.

When I look at myself I am truly blessed. I was adopted and God found a special place and parents for me. At times I wonder what my life would have been had things gone differently.

My life's journey has been driven by trying to live life to the fullest. When my body started to give out my competitive nature turned to learning. I want to learn new things so I can pass that knowledge on to future generations.

This is what life is about, the journey for knowledge and I don't want to miss the train!

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  1. I hope that the knowledge that I gain from this wonderful experience can help me.
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