Friday, January 14, 2011

The Next Generation

Agriculture is a tough and demanding profession with limited financial rewards. Long hours and short pay is usually the norm. We are in the process of losing a generation of people who grew up on farms, have expertise in farming operations, and love to work.

That generation has been the backbone of agriculture for the last 40 to 50 years. Their work ethic will probably never be matched again. Along with that, they grew up on a farm (that was probably absorbed by those of us still going) and brought knowledge that is hard to replace.

I fear for the up and coming generation of farmers that won't have the same base of people to fill the gaps on their operation. It seems like today's society is filled with entitlement without wanting to work. Society "owes" them.

This morning my wife, Rhonda, was on the computer and came across a website . She was so excited about an organization about farming created by young people that I became infected.

Those involved are mainly based in California, the most productive ag land in the world. I applauded these young agriculturists for their enthusiasm and determination to not only take on the challenges of being in agriculture, but to do it in a state that has a history of cruelty towards this crucial industry.

I know that there is 4-H and FFA, but these young folks took it upon themselves to create something new. Their message is great and I believe that their direction and vision is what is needed for tomorrow.

I challenge everyone out there to join them through their social media links and to support them in any way possible. Besides, young minds that can take "WTF" and turn it into something meaningful like "Where's the Food...Without the Farmer" need your support. Keep up the good work.

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